High Efficiency Dual Module Rack Conveyor Dishwasher

The Washtech Conveyor range represents the highest capacity dishwashers in the Washtech line up. The premium CDe180 features a highly efficient heat recovery unit, 3-stage EcoRinse, and full insulation which work together to minimise operational costs and environmental impact through tangible reductions in water, energy and chemical consumption.

Capable of washing 180 racks or 3,240 plates per hour, the CDe180 is ideal for busy restaurants, hotels and other sites when combined with customisable system accessories such as a trough, drying module, outlet roller table etc. which are all designed and modelled by an in-house CAD design team.

Special Features:

  • Suitable for installation without an extraction canopy in many situations*
  • Integrated heat recovery unit which significantly reduces steam emissions, energy consumption and water treatment cost
  • Three stage EcoRinse for exceptional rinse performance and minimal water usage

Standard Features:

  • Capacity of up to 180 racks/3,240 plates equivalent per hour
  • Low cold water consumption of 180 litres per hour
  • 600mm pre-wash module with multi-layer externally removable scrap trays
  • 1200mm wash module featuring 3-stage EcoRinse
  • Dual speed drive with options of slower (DIN 10510 2-minute contact time) or faster settings available
  • Heavy duty stainless steel construction and wash manifold
  • Full thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Full width, easily removable stainless steel wash filter trays for easy cleaning
  • Removable upper and lower heavy duty stainless steel wash arm cassettes
  • Powerful drive with safety clutch allows the machine to wash heavy items with ease
  • Autostart minimises operating costs by only activating pumps and drive when a rack is present
  • Will wash items up to 400mm high, and taller with suitable operator procedures
  • Digital temperature gauges for easy HACCP reporting
  • In-house CAD design service for every site layout
  • Watermark approved backflow prevention
  • Comprehensive Moffat 5-2-1 warranty


  • 2 x 500mm dish rack (600 70028)
  • 2 x 500mm cup rack (600 70029)
  • 2 x cutlery container (C660503)
  • 1 x cutlery basket (C660508)

Optional System Accessories Include:

  • Dryer modules
  • Straight and curved roller tables
  • Pre-rinse troughs
  • Setdown benches
  • Custom scrap stations
  • Sideload tables
  • Inlet and outlet corner pawl drives
  • Heavy duty roller table limit switch