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Washtech XG

Economy Glasswasher

Compact Smart Watermark Certified Recirculating Glasswasher.

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  • Low hot water consumption 1.5 litres per cycle
  • Up to 1000 glasses per hour
  • Quickstart fast one minute cycle
  • Classic electromechanical controls
  • Dual chemical injectors
  • Drain pump
  • Lower rotating wash & rinse arm with precision moulded jets
  • Recirculates wash water at nominal 100 litres per minute
  • 2.5kW wash and 3kW rinse hearing
  • 290mm door clearance
  • Accepts all standard 365mm x 435mm glass racks
  • Magnetic door safety switch
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Very compact - only 440mm wide
  • Easy clean interior
  • Easy install
    - Water supply hose
    - Dual chemical injector lines
    - Drain pump outlet hose
    - 15 amp plugset
  • No commissioning required
  • Watermark and Smart Watermark certified
  • Includes:
    1 x 365mm glass rack