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Washtech PW3

Wide Body Passthrough Warewasher

The Washtech Warewashing range represents the most powerful utensil, container and tray washing units in the Washtech line up. These machines are built to increase the efficiency of many operations by promoting continuous clean up. With powerful wash pumps, large internal chambers and a range of cycle times, the savings in labour, water, chemicals and energy assure rapid payback times.

Washtech’s PW3 is a highly versatile passthrough warewasher capable of washing large objects such as crates, bins and bowls. It is highly efficient, with lower water consumption than conventional sink or water blaster washing and takes far less time. The PW3 can be easily installed into benches for easy passthrough operation eliminating the need to lift heavy items in and out of the machine. It also comes standard with easy to use controls and multiple cycle times to wash a wide range of soil levels making it the perfect machine for bakeries, butcheries and food processing operations.