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Pot Washer

Washtech warewashers are built to improve the efficiency of operations washing oversized and/or heavily soiled items, from bakeries to production kitchens, supermarkets to hospitals. This is achieved with a continuous and consistent wash process throughout the day that is easy on your staff. With highly efficient water consumption rates, Washtech warewashers are also light on the environment and operating costs.

The PW1 is a powerful, highly durable, simple-to-use and easy-to-maintain front load warewasher. It features Washtech Hybrid Controls which combine IP65 stainless switches, tried-and-tested switchgear, with a customisable electronic timer. Built with a large wash chamber and carefully counterbalanced split door, the PW1 is ideal for washing baking and GN trays, bins, bowls and other oversized items.