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Washtech CD 150

Rack Conveyor Dishwasher

The Washtech Conveyor range represents the highest capacity dishwashers in the Washtech line up. These machines are built to wash large volumes of cups, plates and cutlery in a short period of time. Designed to work within complete operational systems, Washtech conveyors promote best practises helping to ensure timeframes, staff workloads, energy and water consumption are all reduced.

Washtech’s CD150 is a fully automatic rack conveyor dishwasher with a versatile prewash zone, a powerful wash zone and a smart final rinse that only activates when a rack enters the zone. Configured to meet the specifications of each customer, CD150’s are powerful machines that with the right accessories can be adapted to fit into relatively small spaces. Washtech’s CD150 is the perfect machine for production kitchens, hospitals, prisons, exhibition centres and stadiums.