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Washtech CD 100

Rack Conveyor Dishwasher

The CD 100 is a fully automatic rack conveyor dishwasher with a powerful wash zone, followed by a final rinse zone which is controlled to ensure that water is consumed only when racks are in the rinse zone.

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  • Low water consumption - 300 litres per hour maximum
  • Rinse economiser - machine uses water only when rack is in rinse zone
  • Powerful wash via removable upper and lower stainless steel wash arms
  • Automatic tank fill and run-dry protection for incalloy heating elements
  • Interlocked wash and rinse heating
  • Low temperature deactivation to ensure hygiene and regulatory compliance
  • Powerful drive with safety clutch and optional bench stop switch
  • Safety stop switches to all doors
  • Vent hoods fitted standard with duct connections, baffles and easy bench connection
  • Full width, easily removable wash filter trays
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Simple electromechanical controls for ease of service
  • Adjustable 200mm stainless legs
  • Modular range includes options to allow installation in minimal area
  • CAD design service for layout options
  • Nationwide installation and after sales support
  • 2 stage rack conveyor dishwasher with powerful wash and sanitising final rinse
  • 100 racks per hour standard setting - higher throughput on request to 200 racks per hour
  • 1.5kW wash pump