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Washtech AL

Premium Passthrough Dishwasher

With the fastest complete cycle time of 40 seconds, the AL delivers unrivalled single tank passthrough dishwasher performance and capacity, washing up to 1400 plates per hour.

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  • Thermal & acoustic insulation
  • 2.4 litres per cycle hot water consumption
  • Up to 1400 plates per hour
  • Assured final rinse - 316 grade stainless steel rinse tank and rinse booster
  • Reverse osmosis compatible for spot free results
  • Electronic controls with enhanced functionality
  • Multi-cycle options – fast 40, 60 and 90 second cycles with manual cycle mode, Ecopower, Soft Start and Self Cleaning cycle
  • Service diagnostics for error recognition
  • Enhanced filtration and active waste removal
  • Dual chemical injectors
  • Drain pump
  • Dual stainless steel upper and lower wash & rinse arms with removable cleaning caps
  • Recirculates wash water at nominal 650 litres per minute
  • 2.5kW wash & 6kW rinse heating
  • 430mm high wash chamber clearance
  • Suits 500mm international standard racks
  • QuickConnect
    - Water supply hose
    - Dual chemical injector lines
    - Drain pump outlet hose
  • Includes adjustable 200mm high legs
  • No commissioning required
  • Watermark certified
  • Includes:
    2 x 500mm dish racks
    1 x 500mm cup rack
    1 x cutlery container
    1 x cutlery basket